At Loseley Fields Children’s Centre, we have various policies available for our parents –

  • Safeguarding Children Statement
  • Safeguarding
  • Lost and Uncollected Children Policy
  • Whistle-blowing Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Crèche Policy
  • Data Handling Policy
  • E-safety Policy (Under review)
  • Accident Policy
  • Lone Worker Policy
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Photograph Policy
  • Environment Policy
  • Infant feeding policy

Please contact the children’s centre if you would like for more information and to request current copies

By using our Children’s Centre, please note you must adhere to the following…

  • The Centre’s Equal Opportunities Policy which states that discrimination of any form will not be tolerated
  • The Centre’s no smoking policy
  • The Centre’s no shouting’ policy
  • Camera’s are NOT to be used, unless prior agreement has been given
  • The Centre’s no nut policy (please do not bring food in from home, without prior agreement
  • The Centre’s No Mobile Phone policy – we are a mobile free zone (please do not use your mobile in the family room or garden)

If you need any further information please speak to a member of staff

Please note that in the event of a fire, a loud bell will ring – please leave the building and assemble on the field behind the Children’s Centre.